Hiring Tips

Parent Scout supports a safe hiring process

Reference Checks

We recommend you contact references to make sure this is someone you can trust. Click here to learn what questions to ask when conducting a reference interview: Reference Interview Questions

Trust Your Friends? Trust Their Friends!

Reach out to friends in your social media circle to verify that this is a person you can trust before you decide to hire them. Parent Scout has Facebook Connect integration which allows you to view all your friends on Facebook that know the Service Provider you are considering.

Parent Reviews

Parents look out for other parents, that is why we encourage you to read what Parent Scout parents have to say about the Service Provider you are considering. We also encourage you to post a review on any Service Providers you have hired through Parent Scout to pay it forward and continue to support our online community.

Phone Screening Interviews

Prior to meeting in-person, Parent Scout recommends setting up a call with the Service Provider so that you can screen them to be certain this is someone you'd like to move forward with in the hiring process. Click here to learn the best questions to ask: Phone Screening Interview Questions.

In-Person Interviews

Parent Scout recommends conducting in-person interviews at a public place such as a coffee shop to insure the safety of both interviewee and interviewer. Use Google Maps to find a place that is conveniently located for both parties. Click here to learn the best questions to ask: In-Person Interview Questions.