Reference Checks

After you have interviewed the service provider to your satisfaction, the next step would be to call references for additional feedback. We recommend calling 3 references before you make your hiring decision.

When calling up references, its advisable to already have questions that are customized to fit the kind of position you want filled. For example if your interest in a nanny who is willing to cook and do light house work, make sure you find out from the previous family her cooking skills. Different families have different preferences on what they are looking for in a service provider, so you want to make sure you ask the kind of questions that will help you make a better a judgment on the person you are looking to hire.

Try and keep the reference calls to the point. Start your call with the most recent reference, introduce yourself and explain to them the purpose of your call and make mention of the candidate’s name that you are calling about. In reference calls, less is more, the less you talk and the more you listen, the more information you are likely to gather regarding your candidate.

These are some of the basic questions to ask when calling up references, remember you can always add on any other question that seems suitable for the kind of duties or qualifications you are looking for in a nanny.

  • How long has this candidate worked for you ?
  • What are the ages of the children he/she cares for?
  • How did he/she relate to the children, and what do you think they liked best about her/him?
  • What responsibilities did she undertake as your children’s caretaker ?
  • Does he/she show concern when it comes to the children’s safety?
  • Was he/she punctual getting to work?
  • What were his/her qualities and strengthens?
  • What were his/her weaknesses?
  • Why did he/she leave?
  • What did you as an employer like best about him/her?