Nikki Elizabeth

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First Aid



Bachelor's degree

Willing to Travel: 10 miles

Ok with Pets: Yes

Transportation: No

  • About me

    I'm Nikki, a 22-year-old senior at the CUNY College of Staten Island, majoring in English: Creative Writing and minoring in Spanish. Writing is my absolute passion. I'm also a bibliophile who loves the smell of new books, the feel of old ones, and handwritten messages hidden between the pages of those vintage books. I reside in Staten Island, where I recently moved to from Brooklyn. Besides loving the sizzle of Cherry Pepsi, the smell of autumn, and the taste of British chocolate, I also love spending time with children and infants! I am highly creative -- I love painting and scrapbooking; therefore, I enjoy doing arts and crafts with the young ones very much! Being around children reminds me of my childhood, and that's a place that I hold close to my heart. I believe that having dance parties before nap time is the perfect way for young children to release energy, tire, and learn proper motor skills. I also believe in expression through art. I am most definitely a fun, loving, and nurturing person with the ability to remain calm and think through hectic situations. I am highly skilled in providing the basic needs and care for infants, including but not subjected to: changing diapers, preparing meals, feedings, nap time, comforting, and playing educational games with the infants. I make it my priority to protect the children from any potential hazard, such as small toys, plastic bags, etc. My down-to-earth, caring personality gives me a wonderful ability to effectively speak

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    Nanny & Babysitting

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  • Reviews

    Nanny & Babysitting 02/09/2015

    She is a wonderful Sitter. It's like hiring a private teacher. On separate occasions she's brought children different activities that she purchased on her own. She'll gladly do homework and make sure your child knows the material that is being taught in school. She'll care for them as if they were her own. Leaving a child with Nikki is leaving a child with it's second mother. she doesn't disappoint.

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    Nanny & Babysitting 02/09/2015

    Very sweet, polite and responsible. Definitely use her again as well as recommend her up friends.

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