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    At Habitot, we embrace the sometimes untidy business of unstructured play by providing a safe and contained place for it. Imaginative, intimate exhibit areas allow young children to choose their own play, to decide how long or how little they will play in each area.

    Exhibits are multisensory and are thoughtfully designed to encourage children to interact socially — like two steering wheels on most pretend vehicles and curvy edges on the waterplay tables so that children can be really close. The diversity of children at Habitot provides opportunities for interacting, planning together, negotiating, and for taking on and sharing roles in dramatic play, all critical skills in school and in life.

    There are no rules for how to use the many loose parts. Children often take fruits and vegetables from the Little Grocery Store into the Rocketship exhibit — evidence of two-year olds planning ahead for eating on their space voyage — or to float down the River Ramp — a classic experiment in cause and effect.

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    • The whole Habitot space can be yours exclusively for you and your guests for a very special birthday or other celebration. Museum rentals are available whenever the Museum is closed to the public: weekday afternoons, evenings, and all day Sundays from April through September. The maximum number of guests is 75 and food and beverages may be served. Alcohol requires insurance and special waiver. Catering is available at additional cost.


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    2065 Kittredge Street Berkeley, CA 94704
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    Birthday Party 11/04/2016

    We went to a birthday party at Habitat. We have also been for just a fun play experience. It is a great place for toddlers. My kids loved the face painting section, but the whole play space is really well done. Makes a great party venue for a 3-4 year old!

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    Birthday Party 11/05/2016

    Very kind and helpful staff. Fun venue to have a birthday party. 4 year old and younger

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